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All the Tabs on this page are free of charge, however if you would like to give a contribution towards the time and effort it takes to prepare each of them, it would be gratefully received - and may inspire me to make some more!

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YouTube Song Name Artist Arrangement Backing Track Availability Free Backing Track Free Tab TAB Notes Audio
A heart will break tonight Pierre Teodori The Shadows
AHWBT.mp3 5.64 MB AHWBT.pdf
A Little bitty tear The Shadows My Arrangement
BT A little bitty tear with solo.mp3 5.56 MB ALBT_TABS.pdf
A taste of Honey Beatles Hank Marvin
ATOH.mp3 8.51 MB ATOH.pdf
A whole new world Tim Rice Hank Marvin
AWNW_BT.mp3 4.04 MB AWNW_TAB.pdf
Alfie Cilla Black Hank Marvin
Alfie_BT.mp3 2.44 MB Alfie_TAB.pdf
Always on my mind Pet Shop Boys The Shadows
Always_On_My_Mind_BT.mp3 3.28 MB AOMM_TAB.pdf
Amazing Grace Traditional My Arrangement
Amazing Grace BT.mp3 6.99 MB AG_TAB.pdf
Another day in Paradise Phil Collins Hank Marvin
ADIP.mp3 8.15 MB ADIP_TAB.pdf
Atlantis The Shadows Hank Marvin
BT Atlantis (Bungleflint).mp3 6.66 MB Atlantis TAB.pdf
Atomic Blondie My Arrangement
Atomic BT.mp3 8.91 MB Atomic_TAB.pdf
Baby I'm a want you Bread My Arrangement
BT Baby I'm A-Want You.mp3 5.36 MB BIAWY_TAB.pdf
Back for good Take That My Arrangement
BT Back for good with Harmony guitar.mp3 9.15 MB BFG_TAB.pdf
Beautiful Sunday Daniel Boone My Arrangement
Beautiful Sunday BT.mp3 3.12 MB BS_TAB.pdf
Believe Adam Lambert My Arrangement
Believe BT.mp3 6.27 MB Believe_TAB.pdf
Caledonia Dougie Maclean My Arrangement
Caledonia BT.mp3 8.17 MB CALEDONIA_TAB.pdf
Constantly Cliff Richard My Arrangement
Constantly BT.mp3 6.13 MB Con_TABS.pdf
Cotton Pickin' The Shadows The Shadows
CPBT.mp3 2.03 MB CP_TAB.pdf
Crazy Patsy Cline My Arrangement
Crazy BT.mp3 6.30 MB Crazy_TAB.pdf
Does your mother know Abba My Arrangement
ABBA BT.mp3 8.22 MB DYMK_TAB.pdf
Don't bring me down ELO My Arrangement
DBMD.mp3 3.74 MB DBMD_TAB.pdf